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Instructions and Help For Outlook Web Access (OWA)
1. Click pdf file, "Outlook Web Access Directions." This document will provide you with screen shots and simple directions for completing some of the basic email functions in Outlook Web Access.

2. Click the blue Help button with the white question mark.. It's very user friendly.

Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is my new email address? example ( )
If you need additional Assistance please contact the Technology Helpdesk @
888-723-7321 x-1207

2. How do I log into Outlook Web Access?
On the Outlook Web Access login page Click Here to Access Web Email enter the domain (This is the name you use to log into your computer when you are at the office.) See example below. Then tab down to the Password box and enter your password, select ok and you have successfully logged in. Do not check the "remember my password" box. (This would allow others that use your internet access the ability to log into your account without knowing your account credentials).

Email Do's & Don'ts
Do Don't
  • Do use the subject line.
  • Do use spell check.
  • Do delete old mail that you don't need.
  • Do reply to All Recipients when appropriate.
  • Do include sender's message when replying. (Automatic in Outlook)
  • Do change the subject and delete the original message if you use reply togenerate a new message.
  • Don't forward junk mail.
  • Don't use Agency e-mail for non-Business use.
  • Don't open attachments unless you aresure of the source.
  • Don't forget your password.
  • Don't use subjects such as Hi, Hello, Hey
  • Don't use the reply feature to send a new message.
  • Don't set up an "Auto reply" to all recipients.